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Get tough with yourself. Knock it off, ya faker. Take a salt tablet, and get back to the battle. Sure, frustrations exist. But you don’t need that bottle. You don’t need that porn. You don’t need to give in to that moment of rage on the freeway. You’ve only convinced yourself you do
Getting Tough With Yourself

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Have You Noticed the Doers?

If you’ve been here more than once, you may have noticed a similarity in many stories, a large percentage are about someone taking action, they get an idea and rather than debate the issue endlessly, they try doing it. Drawing a new design, building a new motorcycle or modifying an existing bike, if it works for them, they accomplish their goal. They answer the “What if” questions with action. They are doers, the folks who think and do, the ones who accomplish something.

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Salahkah jadi Juara Dunia Magic The Gathering

Post dalam Bahasa Malaysia (sempena Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Hari Merdeka ke 54).

Kronologi kisah.

  1. Blogger Gizmodo, Alyssa Bereznak meluahkan pengalaman temujanjinya bersama Jon Finkel, Juara Dunia permainan berasaskan kad, Magic The Gathering melalui servis OkCupid. Dalam artikelnya "My OkCupid Affair With A World Champion Magic: The Gathering Player", dia menyatakan perasaan kecewa dengan pertemuan itu hanya kerana hobi Jon. Artikelnya menggambarkan salah satu lagi “kisah seram” pengalaman mencari teman melalui OkCupid.
  2. Gizmodo, merupakan penerbitan bagi golongan geek dan techies. Sudah semestinya artikel Alyssa tersebut bakal menerima kritikan (kutukan) hebat.
  3. Facebook page Gizmodo menerima komen-komen negatif dari para pembaca.
  4. Editor Gizmodo Australia sendiri menyatakan reaksi bantahan terhadap artikel Alyssa tersebut.
  5. Seluruh internet menyatakan bantahan terhadap artikel Alyssa.
  6. Jon Finkel, dengan selamba dan rilex menjawab balik soalan-soalan mengenai temujanji tersebut di reddit.

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A Letter from General George S. Patton to His Son

General George S. Patton’s letter to his son on June 6, 1944

Dear George:

At 0700 this morning the BBC announced that the German Radio had just come out with an announcement of the landing of Allied Paratroops and of large numbers of assault craft near shore. So that is it.

This group of unconquerable heroes whom I command are not in yet but we will be soon—I wish I was there now as it is a lovely sunny day for a battle and I am fed up with just sitting.

I have no immediate idea of being killed but one can never tell and none of us can live forever, so if I should go don’t worry but set yourself to do better than I have.

All men are timid on entering any fight; whether it is the first fight or the last fight all of us are timid. Cowards are those who let their timidity get the better of their manhood. You will never do that because of your blood lines on both sides. I think I have told you the story of Marshall Touraine who fought under Louis XIV. On the morning of one of his last battles—he had been fighting for forty years—he was mounting his horse when a young ADC [aide-de-camp] who had just come from the court and had never missed a meal or heard a hostile shot said: “M. de Touraine it amazes me that a man of your supposed courage should permit his knees to tremble as he walks out to mount.” Touraine replied “My lord duke I admit that my knees do tremble but should they know where I shall this day take them they would shake even more.” That is it. Your knees may shake but they will always take you towards the enemy. Well so much for that.

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